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At Pinned Electric, we’re more than just a delivery service; we’re your partner. We go beyond simply delivering products, offering comprehensive support in sales, marketing, and after-sales services to our valued dealers. Our unwavering commitment to bringing the industry’s best electric motorsports brands to passionate and forward-thinking dealers is poised to revolutionize the way customers experience their rides, ensuring an exhilarating and unforgettable journey.

Sales Training

At our core, we understand that knowledge is the key to sales success. Our commitment is to empower dealer sales teams to become true product experts, and we are dedicated to supporting them every step of their journey to excellence.

Lead Generation

We recognize the importance of harnessing the power of diverse advertising channels to generate robust product demand. As a distributor, we prioritize our role as a conduit for success, actively directing leads to our dedicated dealers based on their specific regions.

Dedicated Regions​

Our approach utilizes an algorithm that considers dirt bike sales and regional population statistics. By doing so, we design dealer regions to provide our partners with a strong foundation for achieving their sales objectives while avoiding conflicts with our brand presence.

MSP & SPIFF Programs

Drawing inspiration from some of America’s top brands, we consistently implement strategic programs to boost sales and safeguard our valued dealers. Our Minimum Selling Prices (MSP) are a protective measure, ensuring our dealers maintain healthy margins. We recognize the intrinsic value of our products and are committed to preventing price-based competition among our dealers, allowing them to focus on delivering quality and value to their customers.

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We prioritize strong dealer relationships by bridging the gap between manufacturers and dealers.

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